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Electronic approval in ERP Jeeves

24.02.2021 |


Electronic approval in ERP Jeeves 

 Flexible approval solution

  • purchase requirements
  • purchase orders
  • invoices
  • other documents 

 The solution brings

  • Abilityto change approval strings at the user level, either in series or in parallel
  • Approval information linked to email
  • Elimination of paper circulation of documents and associated risks of document loss
  • Speed up and streamline the approval process
  • Standardization of the process within the organization
  • Detailed overview of currently approved documents
  • Immediate access to audit of completed processes
  • Approved documents can be easily traced.

Possibility to attach additional information or comment to the approval.

By linking approvals to orders, you can track the entire cycle of financial expenses and investments from the request phase to their payment.