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Successful enterprise within 3D technology selects Jeeves ERP

08.10.2018 | News

Anders Brask is the CEO of Protech Nordic AB, one of the market leaders within 3D printers in the Nordic area. “Fast but wrong is still wrong,” is one of Anders’ mottos, and the path to the company’s new ERP system was carefully navigated. The employees had a say before the final decision was made to select Jeeves ERP.

Inter company transactions a critical factor

Protech currently has 35 employees, and believes there is a great deal of potential for future growth. 3D printing is extremely topical as part of Industry 4.0, and a growing number of companies are using 3D printers directly in production. In addition to 3D printers, Protech also supplies CAD software. Protech’s customers operate all over the Nordic area and include large corporations such as Ericsson and ABB, as well as schools and universities.

After an extensive selection process, Protech identified several critical points for what the company required in terms of ERP support. Among other things, the company needed support for inter company transactions, Nordic legal requirements, different currencies and the company’s growing service operations.

“Jeeves has provided both knowledgeable personnel and a system with unique advantages compared to the competition, in addition to good support for inter company transactions, legal requirements, currencies and our service module,” says CEO Anders Brask.

Looking to mobile users

Since a great deal of Protech’s work is done at its customers’ premises, around 70 percent of its investment in the system concerns mobile users.  Mobile users interact with Jeeves ERP data in real time, and have access to the same extensive functionality as non-mobile users — which greatly facilitates the work of employees out in the field.