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Business inteligence

Smart decision-making tools based on accurate data? In two words: Business intelligence.

Benefits for decision making

Business decisions often take place on the basis of an incomplete set of data providing only one or a limited number of views of the situation. Decisions are often based on static reports, the update of which requires considerable effort, slowing down the decision process.
Data Analysis and Decision Support Solutions - Business intelligence (BI) brings applications that help companies understand the characteristics of their business by:

  • Integration
  • Analysis
  • Information distribution

With BI solutions, companies can:

  • to gain more time and resources for analysis itself through faster reporting
  • effectively develop new business activities through understanding the links between the data and the timely identification of opportunities and potential threats
  • continuous monitoring of the critical factors (e.g. in production) and thereby respond more quickly to anomalies and determine the cause of particular systematically repeating problems

QlikView analytical tool integrated with Jeeves

Jeeves is addressing the BI through the functionality of Adaptive Analysis and Decision Support, built on QlikView and Jeeves integrated with predefined Sales, Finance, Purchase, and Storage / Distribution reports. QlikView is an analytical software developed by Swedish company QlikTech with over 10,000 installations worldwide.
Jeeves BI is a complete BI application built on QlikView, which includes:

  • Predefined layers of data
  • Predefined patterns (reports, etc.) and their ability to adapt or create new reports
  • Validating reports and spreadsheets
  • Function for rapid, multi-level data analysis (drill-down)
  • Export and distribution of data
  • Language management