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Jeeves in business management

Business management may not be simple, but it should not be complicated, inflexible, and expensive if you have the correct tools. Try how Jeeves ERP can help your business advance.

Manufacturing Management

Whether you are a to-order, to-stock, process, or mixed mode manufacturer, Jeeves delivers robust functionality for the process and discrete manufacturing environment, from raw materials and production prep, to shop floor reporting and attendance, as well as all types of planning and scheduling.

Supply Chain Management

With the ability to support multiple warehouses, multiple currencies, multiple languages, and even multi-site customers and suppliers, Jeeves is optimized to support manufacturers and distributors of every configuration. The supply chain management module is designed to give you complete visibility of (and seamless collaboration with) your supply chain. You can extend the toolset with the warehouse management, transportation management, and EDI functionality of our technology partners.

Financial Management

The Jeeves ERP solution features a complete financial management toolset that will help you manage traditional accounting and reporting, as well as mitigate the increasingly complex challenges of doing business across multiple geographies and currencies. This module is completely integrated with all other modules (e.g., manufacturing, projects) and sub-ledgers, and has full support for International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and GAAP compliance. In addition, NordERP as a Jeeves partner for Slovakia and Czech Republic, develops and maintains full compliance of Jeeves with local Slovak and Czech accounting standards.

Sales and Customer Service

Whether your goals are to find new clients, or service your existing customers, Jeeves ERP includes fully integrated CRM functionality, plus a range of order fulfillment tools that will give your customer service reps the data they need to set realistic expectations around pricing, lead times, and deliveries. You can extend this module with the product configurator in order to assist customers with configuring order-unique products. With a 360-degree view of the business, your customer-facing team will be able to keep customers happy and provide more accurate revenue forecasts.

Customer Relationship Management

Your customers are interacting continuously with multiple people and departments within your organization, from your sales and marketing team to service and repair technicians and engineers. The Jeeves CRM module will help you track and manage these interactions, while giving you a complete view of your customer experience

Product Management

Product managers have a strategic, cross-functional role that requires visibility into every phase of the product lifecycle. With the Jeeves product management toolset, workflows can be built in Jeeves to manage a product launch process, from planning and design through QA and testing. Immaculate product data, combined with the transactions surrounding each of your product lines, gives your product managers the insights they need to ensure product profitability and identify areas for improvement.

Service Management

Many manufacturers produce to-order or technical products that require aftermarket service operations. Jeeves ERP is equipped with a robust service management toolset that helps you plan, schedule, and track your services engagements. With built-in tools to manage traceability, contracts, warranties, and claims, you can proactively manage your services backlog. And with our new mobile field service app, you gain improved margins, better quality data from the field, and a more professional, modern work environment for your service technicians

Project Management

Jeeves supports project management and project-based manufacturing, with additional functions that report time against a defined project, while handling progress reporting and cost accumulation. This module delivers all the visibility and reporting you need to complete projects on time and under budget.