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Food industry

Jeeves ERP is an ERP software solution for growing midmarket enterprises based in Sweden. The system’s unique and powerful architecture helps companies harness the power of emerging technologies like cloud and mobility.

Food industry


Kozí vŕšok (Goat Hill) was established in 2011 as a start-up with the intention of creating a modern dairy factory for the production of traditional and high-quality dairy products, especially ripened semi-hard and hard cheese from goat, sheep and cow milk. The objective was to return to an almost forgotten traditional recipe and an artisan manufacturing process, although of course, in modern technological conditions where we can better control and stabilize the manufacturing process. NordERP provided for it an excellent tool in the form of Jeeves ERP. The process was created with the assistance of the best and most experienced Slovak and foreign experts in the field of dairy industry. It was not a simple process, it required creating the perfect conditions not only for the production itself, but also for the ripening process. This effort soon paid off. In fact, one of the first batches of hard goat cheese achieved surprising success in the biggest and the most representative world competition at World Cheese Awards 2012.

Meanwhile, the manufacturing program was extended to include the production of yoghurt mainly from sheep and goat milk, yogurt drink from goat milk and fresh soft cheeses.

Thanks to the international success of our company we gained contracts with domestic and foreign supermarket chains not only on our market but also in neighbouring countries - mainly in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. With growing demands, we faced a decision which direction we should be moving on. We prefer quality over quantity in order to maintain the artisan unique mode of production, for which our customers can respect us. The only deviation from this path is our newest and successful novelty - UHT goat and sheep milk with a prolonged shelf life. These products cannot be produced without the production line.

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