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6 reasons to choose Jeeves ERP


Comprehensive ERP

What has always set Jeeves apart from other ERP solutions is its genius, model-driven architecture. The power of the system’s architecture and next-generation development platform deliver a number of benefits that are difficult to find all together in a single ERP solution.

Custom ERP

The system’s genius architecture keeps all system modifications and integrations in a separate site repository. This allows our customers to refresh their systems more often and take advantage of new functionality—without having to redo or repay for what’s already been built

Mobile ERP

The Jeeves architecture provides a solution for mobility—one that offers endless possibilities for the development of custom, native mobile apps, as well as a framework for the world’s most functionally rich mobile ERP system.

Cloud ERP

Jeeves ERP’s multi-tier architecture allows it to be consumed as a turnkey service (i.e., fully maintained and supported) through a virtual private cloud. Jeeves ERP delivers all the traditional benefits of cloud products, including lower costs and improved system performance and security. But Jeeves ERP can do much more than a typical browser-based SaaS or cloud ERP system.

Swedish ERP

Same as the globally famous brands such as Volvo, Husqarna, Ericsson, Electrolux, Scania, IKEA, Spotify and others, also Jeeves ERP has its origins in Sweden. In fact, a recent study by Radar Group showed the Jeeves total cost of ownership (TCO) to be the lowest in the Swedish market.

Why Jeeves ERP Has The Lowest TCO

In the end, Jeeves ERP cloud customers are saving on their infrastructure costs, as well as freeing up IT funds that would have gone to upgrades. And where do these savings go? According to Radar Group, they should be redirected into the platform and application layers, delivering further innovation and business process alignment—and further value creation.