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Optimalization of bussiness processes

Identify, understand, refine, put into practice. And grow!

Goals and benefits


As part of the optimization process we implement projects that aim to identify areas for which changes in processes and modification / extension of systems will provide benefits in one of the 3 parameters:

  • Cost savings,,
  • Increase in revenue,
  • Accelerate decision-making processes.

Range of services

As part of the analysis of processes for optimization, NordERP focuses on identifying areas:

  • not covered by the information system at all and their support is required by the client and therefore it is necessary to implement the functionality
  • insufficiently covered by the information system, and complex re-setting of functionality is necessary
  • where specific system modifications are required
  • management reports (BI) area is necessary to complete

The output of the analysis is a brief description of the analyzed processes, which specifies for each process:

  • Process identification,
  • Basic description of the process
  • List of process steps / activities
  • Documents used
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • Identified suggestions for improvement

Output analysis is used to:

  • decide which of the proposed improvements will be implemented,
  • in which sequence the proposed improvements will be implemented according to the client's priority,
  • in what time period the proposed improvements will be implemented.

Approaches and methods

As part of implementing solutions for areas with optimization potential, we use modern tools and technologies such as:

  • barcodes, QR codes, RFID (to track material flows and processes),
  • electronic signature (automation of billing in electronic form).



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