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Jeeves main functionality

Forget about modules and paying for more features. Jeeves offers a comprehensive suite of features for every user.

Ciele a prínosy


The notable advantage of the modular licensing model is that you only pay for what you really need. However, the complex information system - ERP - is built on the interconnection of processes and information across the individual modules and the whole company. And just licensing to a user allows and accentuates this advantage. Licensing to modules is, in our opinion, just a way for an ERP vendor to charge the customer more money.
For this reason, a licensed Jeeves customer receives a comprehensive suite of functionality to manage complete business processes - the entire value chain:

General Ledger
Account Receivable
Account Payble
Review of imported supplier invoices
Fixed assets
Jeeves CRM
Jeeces Estimator
Master Scheduling
Material Requirements (complete)
Detailed workload
Integration with payroll systems
Variant management
Claims management (Sales/Purchase/Production)
Jeeves EDM Server (acces to read documents)
EDM users
Time, Project - assignments
Jeeves timezone
Security Manager, application based
Jeeves Dev Environm + Apps builder
Jeeves Integration License
Jeeves Message Integrator
SEPA Payment file
Import of payment files (per filetype)
Export/Import of general ledger data acc to SIE
Jeeves Insight
Jeeves Insight Desing