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Integrated solutions

Jeeves ERP is an ERP software solution for growing midmarket enterprises based in Sweden. The system’s unique and powerful architecture helps companies harness the power of emerging technologies like cloud and mobility.

Integrated solutions


Jeeves is open to third-party solutions. Examples of such integration can be illustrated by examples of barcode implementation, attendance system and electronic signature. Third-party apps and extensions are also available through the Jeeves Apps Market application market.

Barcodes in Saargummi Slovakia

Saargummi Slovakia s.r.o. In Dolné Vestenice uses for management combination of systems, namely the Jeeves system as the main ERP tool and a stand-alone system for the physical flow record through barcodes.

The implementation of the material flow tracking solution using barcodes took place in several phases - materials, semi-finished products, finished products. Recorded transactions go into Jeeves online mode and the operator always has up-to-date inventory and stock movement information right in Jeeves.

The solution covers all key processes in logistics and production warehouses. The input material is recorded since it is received and went through quality control until the production consumption records. Backflow monitoring and tracking is also ensured in the part of semi-finished products and finished products based on online records in all processes throughout the lifecycle of the produced items.

Improved efficiency in Saargummi's material flow processes has been achieved through:

  • Simplicity when entering data
  • Online monitoring of stock records and status
  • Exclusions of error due to delays or inaccuracies when entering data

The attendance system for Gnotec Ferrex

At Gnotec Ferrex a software and hardware solution was used for attendance records. It records clock-ins, clock-outs and any other relevant interruptions of work. Recorded data for all employees is transferred online to the Jeeves system, which is available for viewing or editing by the foreman. The shop-floor manager has overview of available workers at their workplaces and stations. Analysis of attendance data in conjunction with recorded performance on production operations provides a detailed picture of production productivity.

Electronic invoicing and electronic signature for Calmit

Calmit has been running the Document Management (EDM) module for over 6 years. This module is also used in the process of generating and registering invoices sent.

In 2013, the solution expands the use of electronic signatures for signing and subsequent automatic sending mail invoices electronically. An independent third-party software tool was chosen to sign invoices by electronic signature. By creating an interface with the system Jeeves it achieves significant simplification of the process of approval and signing of invoices sent. At the same time, this solution meets all the security criteria and requirements that apply to data protection in the IT area.

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